New Release – Twice a Slave – Sammy Tippet/Randy Willis

Dear Readers,

Sammy Tippet has written several non-fiction books, so Twice a Slave is a bit different for him. Even though this book is based on a real person,  Joseph Wallis, it is considered a fiction book as it is a fictional telling of Joseph’s story.

Twice-a-Slave-Book-PicJoseph was born into slavery.  He was the son of a white man and Cherokee woman.  He struggled to find freedom his whole life.  He looked for it in many different places including falling in love with the wrong woman. 

When he became a slave to Jesus Christ is when his whole world changed, he experienced a freedom no man could take away from him.  He helped change the course of a nation and establish the Baptist faith in America. 

Starting in 1758 this book gives a small picture of America’s history before we were even a country.  I went looking for information on Joseph and the details I found were pretty interesting.  He didn’t have an easy life from the beginning and it didn’t get easier when he became a Christian, the struggles were just different. 

So here is a different type of story that reminds us of the courage it takes to stand up for your faith.

Happy Reading,


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