New Release – Sky Zone – Creston Mapes

Dear Readers,

After being gone for a few years, Creston Mapes is back and treating readers to a wonderful new series.  He writes fast paced action filled adventures that keeps you turning pages as quick as you can to the end and then regretting that you are finished so quickly.  Sky Zone is book #3 in the Crittendon series and the newest release for Creston.

Sky+ZoneJack Crittendon is the reporter with a knack for stumbling on a huge story.  That doesn’t always set well with his bosses and never with the criminal.   He is now out of work and his very pregnant wife is working full time trying to make ends meet. 

He takes on a job helping a friend at the Festival Arena.  He agrees to work at a political rally and that is when thing start going wrong.  A terrorist plot is revealed and Jack and his friend Brian Shakespeare have to race to save not only themselves but the lives of thousands.

Creston’s novels are timely and ones that while you are reading it you wonder if you had just read that story in the newspaper or if it was in the book.  He writes wonderful gritty characters that you love and yet they have a bit of an edge to them so you are not always comfortable with them.  But he draws you back for more over and over again.  I for one am very glad that he is back.

Happy Reading,


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