Christy Awards

Dear Readers,
… and the winner is…  The Christy’s were given out this past week in Atlanta at the Christian retailers show (ICRS).  There were so many good books that sometimes I think they should just give them all an award. 
I will admit that I find great pleasure in seeing a few of the books that I have/am recommending to readers, win.  It kind of gives me that “see I told you it was a good book” satisfaction.   This year it was with even greater pleasure I saw one of the books that was in the running for my book of the year win not just one but 3 Christy’s and one of them was for Book of the Year.    
If you have not seen the list here are the winners…

Book of the Year

Contemporary- Romance/Suspense
Dangerous Passage– Lisa Harris

Burning Sky– Lori Benton

Historical Romance
Harvest of Gold –Tessa Afshar

Contemporary Series
Take a Chance on Me– Susan May Warren

Ted Dekker

Dragonwitch– Anne Elisabeth Stengl

First Novel
Burning Sky– Lori Benton.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Happy Reading,

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