New Releases – July 20 – 26

Dear Readers,

Warm summer breezes, a comfy chair, what else do you need for pass a warm July afternoon?  How about a good book.  Here are a few ideas.

Happy Reading,

Abandoned Memories – Marylu Tyndall – #3 Escape to Paradise – The new Confederate colony of New Hope is last chance at a new life for both Angeline and James.  Each for a different reason, but will they both find love and happiness in the jungles of Brazil?

A Bouquet of Love – Janice Thompson – Weddings by Design #4 – Cassi Papas just wants to work at the floral shop on Galveston Island.  She makes friends with local wedding coordinator, Bella to help business.  The problems start when her Greek family moves on to the island to start a new restaurant, one that is in direct competition with Bella’s family restaurant. 

Penny Wise – Neta Jackson/Dave Jackson – Windy City Neighbors #3 – We meet the Jaspers, they are a normal urban family.  Busy with the many details of their lives, that is until a crises arises and they find something has got to change.

Crossroads – Barbara Cameron – #2 Amish Roads Series – Emma has always thought her and Isaac would marry and raise a family together.  Now that Isaas is in his Rumschpringe they are at a cross roads as he has seemed to turn his back on his family and faith and wants her to join him.


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