New Release – A Bouquet by Love – Janice Thompson

Dear Readers,

Today is the first day of August and it is the best time of year to read.  Ok I probably say that a lot as I can’t think of anytime of the year that isn’t a good time for reading.  But there is something special about grabbing a book, a beach blanket and some sunscreen and spending the day laying in the sun reading.

A Bouquet of Love by Janice Thompson is the perfect book for a day at the beach.  It is a charming little story about a girl just trying to do her job, but her loud boisterous family keeps interrupting with her plans. 

Cassia Pappas is making a go at a job she loves.  She is working for the Galveston Island floral shop, where she loves the time spent with the flowers.  She wants to help it grow into something even more so she connects with wedding coordinator Bella Neeley.  Things are looking up.

That is until her loud obnoxious family moves to the island and decides to open a family restaurant, right across the road from the Parma John’s.  The iconic restaurant owned and operated by Bella’s family.  It is not the best way to make business friend when your family has decided to steal all their loyal customers.  Thank goodness the delivery guy stops by every day, he is easy on the eyes…

Nothing like a warm day on the beach with a hot delivery guy.  Ok so not a real guy, but it the perfect place to read a cute love story. 

Happy Reading,


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