New Releases – August 18 – 23

Dear Readers,

If you are one of the lucky families that skipped town this week, enjoy the last hours of summer.  Hopefully you have a great book to take along, if not here are a few more great suggestions.

Happy Reading,

The Desire – Dan Walsh/Gary Smalley – #3 the Restoration series – A marriage hangs in the balance.  Michele has become obsessed with having a baby, while Allan is content to support orphaned and displaced kids in Africa.  Something has to give and it might be their marriage.

The StoryKeeper – Lisa Wingate – Jen is drawn into a manuscript that was hiding in the slush file on her desk.  As she starts researching where it comes from it starts to bring her back to a place she thought she would never return to.

An Unexpected Match – Gayle Roper – Rachel’s life was all planned, a wonderful match and a good life as an Amish wife and mother.  When Aaron is killed, Rachel once again yearns to learn more.  She enrolls at a local college and starts a double life.  Will her learning lead to a bann from the church?

A Cry from the Dust – Carrie Stuart Parks – What Gwen thinks is going to be a an interesting gig and a break from her hectic schedule turns into a cover-up that goes back through the history of the Mormon church.  She finds herself suddenly in the cross-hairs of a society that is trying to fulfill a prophecy. 


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