New Release – A Cry from the Dust – Carrie Stuart

Dear Readers,

How can something that happened in the 19th century lead to a murder case in the 21st century.  Gwen Marcey is about to find out.  She agrees to work on reconstructing the faces of the victims of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. 

1857 a wagon train in Utah is set upon by a group of militant Mormons and slaughtered.  Unarmed men, women and children were murdered and the controversial remains still today. 

As Gwen works she finds evidence that leads her to a more recent murder, a murder that looks like a ritualistic killing.  She finds herself  at odds with a secret society that is bent on keeping her quiet.

Murder and mayhem, what a great way to spend an afternoon, finding the killer.  I love that we are getting new writers in the mystery genre and Carrie Stuart Parks joins the ranks with A Cry From the Dust of interesting reads.  Ones that are probably best not read while sitting alone in the dark.

Happy Reading,


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