New Release – Thief of Glory – Sigmund Brower

Dear Readers,

I have been a fan of Sigmund Brower’s for years now.  He has written in several different genres and to different age groups also.  His writing style is engaging and makes you want to keep reading.  Whether he is writing for adults or teens you know he does his research, it just shows in how well the story flows.

What really got my attention and made me want to read Thief of Glory wasn’t the cover (which is fabulous) but a little note he included in the front.  I can’t print it all here, but the last paragraph goes like this, “All these years later, at the time of the writing of this novel, they are still together, still much in love…”  It goes on after that, but you will have to read it for yourself.  I am sure it will tug at your heart strings just as it did mine.

Jeremiah’s privilege life some to a rapid close.  When the Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies and march is family off to a camp.  Life is brutal and he becomes responsible for his younger siblings and his emotional fragile mother.

In-spite of the starvation, sacrifice and even generosity, Jeremiah uses all his courage and strength to help his little family survive.  They all must work together and it becomes a test of their fortitude.

A WWII story set in the Pacific is a different perspective on the war.  Especially one from the eyes of a 10 year old boy who is forced to grow up quickly.  I find that Sigmund brings something different to the table with his writing and that makes for a wonderful read.

Happy Reading,


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