New Release – Farewell, Four Waters – Kate McCord

Dear Readers, 

You maybe familiar with Kate McCord’s name.  She wrote a book a couple years ago called the Land of the Blue Burqas.  It is a sensational look at what life is like for woman in an Islamic society.  Kate herself lived and worked among the Afghan people.  Teaching women and girls how to read.  In Farewell, Four Waters she takes us back to Afghanistan and what was it like living there as everything changed.

Marie just need a couple more signatures and stamps to start her school for women in Shektan a small rural town in Afghanistan.  She was so close to seeing her dream come to life.  It all changed in a blink of an eye when an aid worker is killed on the streets of Kabul and suddenly it is no longer safe to be a foreigner in Afghanistan.  Will she leave?  She wants to stay and teach, but will it cost her her life? 

She decides to stay and ends up being a pawn in a local feud.   Based on events that happened to the author and friends of hers, this novel is a gripping glance into a life that most of us would never choose. Kate McCord is not the authors real name so she can protect those that helped her escape. 

We are reminded everyday now of countries torn apart by armies that believe their way is the only way and if you disagree you are dead.  Most of us will never (prayerfully) have to worry about making that choice, but books like Farewell, Four Waters makes you think about it.  They also maybe prepare us a little bit for the future.

Happy Reading,


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