New Release – Hidden Blessing – Kim Cash Tate

Dear Readers,

Until you walk along side someone or personally experience it, it would be hard to write a book about cancer. Kim Cash Tate takes on that journey in her newest release, Hidden Blessings

Kendra Woods is blessed beyond her wildest dreams.  Partner at a law firm, engaged to the man she loves, it is just hard to imagine that life will be anything but good.  Then the diagnosis comes in: terminal breast cancer and suddenly everything in life seems dark.  How could God do this to her?

Kendra needs someone to reignite the light in her life and that someone comes from a very unexpected source.  Lance Alexander and young man from her past and one that Kendra only remembers as a trouble maker.  Will he be able to spark that fire once again?

It is not an easy journey to walk, either for yourself or with someone you love, but it is one that can leave you richer for it.  Kim blends that with the choices you have to make if you know that your life is soon over.  How do you act and what do you do or say?  Who do you surround yourself with?  All things we should always think of as we never know, but ones that make for a rich story also.

Happy Reading,


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