Beth Wiseman

Dear Readers,

Beth Wiseman is known for her Amish fiction, but she also writes terrific contemporary fiction.  The Promise is her latest venture into that genre.  The Promise is based on a story that actually happened to a friend of Beth’s, you need to keep that in mind as there will be parts of the story that you won’t believe are actually true.  It still seems strange to me that someone had this all happen to them or that they allowed it to happen through bad choices and not listening to the advice of friends and family.

The+PromiseYears earlier, Mallory had a chance to save her cousin’s life.  The problem was her parents didn’t want to risk her life with kidney surgery and so when her cousin died, Mallory make a promise that someday she would save someone’s life.  Now Mallory has a chance to do that.  Her employer’s brother’s daughter has leukemia and the only way to get her healthy is to get her to America.  The only way to do that is to have the brother marry an American and Mallory is more than willing to be that person.

As I was reading this book, I found myself getting frustrated with Mallory.  She seemed to believe that all the reports coming out of Pakistan were false or at least blown out of proportion.  She doesn’t believe anyone is correct and thinks they are only trying to stop her from fulfilling her promise.  I wanted to shake her a couple of times and ask her why she thought all those who loved her were wrong and the one person she was believing was a guy she had never met. 

I think that is part of a good book, when you get emotionally attached to the characters, whether it is love, anger or any other emotion, it doesn’t matter.  If you are emotionally invested in a character, then you know the book has kept your attention.  In the Promise, this happened to me and I know I will be telling more people to read this book.

Happy Reading,   


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