New Releases Oct. 6-11

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow is our all day librarian’s day at the store.  We offer our librarians an extra discount that day along with giveaways, book reviews and more.  If you are a librarian or know someone who is, please feel free to let them know what is going on.  It is an all day event, so as long as the doors are unlocked, the sale is going on. 

Happy Reading,

The Promise – Beth Wiseman – Mallory has one goal in life, save someone’s life.  She promised her cousin and now is willing to do just about anything to fulfill that promise.  Including going to Pakistan to marry a man so his daughter can come to America for treatment.

Every Tear a Memory – Myra Johnson – #4 Till We Meet Again series – Joanna found adventure in France during the Great War.  She starts working as a switchboard operator, which she finds dull.  Attention from the hotel manager where she works is a surprise, but can two so different people find love?

The Heretic – Henry Vyner-Brooks – (from the backcover) – From the crypts of St. Benet’s Abbey to the brutal streets of London and Antwerp, the companions must face their darkest fears to protect those they love. 

A Lady of Willowgrove Hall – Sarah Ladd – Whispers on the Moors – #3 – Cecily is trying to keep her past hidden.  She is now a lady’s maid at Willowgrove Hall and must be careful not to let anything slip.  The problem is Nathaniel knows her past, but he has a secret to keep also.

Beyond I Do – Jennifer Slattery – Ainsley was raised by a mother who had as many jobs as she had boyfriends.  Ainsley finds a safe relationship with Richard and starts planning their wedding.  When a battered woman and her child spark something in Ainsley that may change everyone.


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