New Release – Magnolia Market – Judy Christie

Dear Readers,

I really fell in love with Judy Christie’s books while reading Sweet Olive last year.  It was a wonderful southern genre book that had rich characters and a beautiful setting.  Set in the little town, just a bit off the beaten path the Trumpet and Vine novels are full of people you will want to get to know better.

In Magnolia Market we meet Avery Broussand who a year ago lost her husband.  She is start to think there is an end to the awful year.  She is set to take over her mother – in – law’s dress boutique.  One she help get back on course.  One that Avery has been saving for the past year.  Things are looking up.

Then on a whim she is kicked out of the store and the deal is off.  Suddenly she is at war with her in-laws and she isn’t sure she will survive.  T.J sees all of this happening and knows that Avery is the victim here, not the Broussands.  But T.J. has lived in Samford long enough to know the rules of the game, no one messes with the Broussand family and lives to talk about it. (so to speak)

I know that while reading Sweet Olive I wanted to pull up a rocking chair and a tall glass of sweet tea and enjoy the visit in a small town in Louisiana.  I can’t wait to get reading again to visit some friends in this delightful series.

Happy Reading,


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