New Release – Heretic – Henry Vyner-Brooks

Dear Readers,

I have found interest in the new fiction genre that seems to be making in onto book shelves lately.  There are more and more books on church history.  Now I remember church history from high school and it was not my favorite subject.  It was a bit dry and well boring.  I wonder if part of was that the class was right after lunch, but I do know that some of it was because it was just boring.

That said, I am enjoying the books about those time periods and learning lots.  Heretic by Henry Vyner-brooks is the latest of these books that have arrived in the store.  It is a daunting book with just over 600 pages, but the story line sounds very interesting.

Brother Pacificus is hiding out from his past and the real world.  When he arrives back into the world he discovers things much different that when he left.  He and his rag tag band of misfits are ready to fight to the new world order, but will any of them survive long enough to make a difference?

Set in 1536 the Bible is becoming available to the ‘common’ man and the church is in flux.  The rich and powerful know that if they don’t get rid of the rebels and soon, they will loose everything that they hold dear. 

It is not the proudest time for the ruling church, but it is part of their history and it is something we can learn from.  The Bible was written for all men, not just those in power.  Fiction books like Heretic as always a good reminder of this for all of us.

Happy Reading,


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