New Releases – Oct. 27th – Nov. 1

Dear Readers,

Nov. 1 already.  Goodness, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  Lurking, ready to spring on us and make our days busier than ever.  Oh well, I have to admit I love the holidays and all the chances we have to visit with family and friends.  It leaves little time for reading, but I always manage to find time.  It is something I just happen to make time for.

Happy Reading,

The Book of El – Jeff Nesbit – 3 college students are suddenly plunged into a world where ancient beings ruled.  The must hone their skills so they can fight for the survival of two worlds.

The Forgiven – Marta Perry – #1 Keepers of the Promise – (from the backcover) – When 3 women, all cousins, are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, the each discover a story from the past that provides insight and inspiration for their own lives.

An Unseemly Wife – E.B. Moore – 1867- Ruth and her husband are moving their family across country.  It breaks the rules of their Order, but Aaron is drawn but the offer of free land and Ruth must follow.  While trying to remain faithful to their order, Ruth finds she must rely on people she was taught not to trust.

To See the Moon Again – Jamie Langston Turner – Julia keeps the world at arm’s length since causing a terrible accident years ago.  Her niece Carmen arrives in her life and changes everything.  They embark on a journey together of discovery, truth, redemption and love.

A Dream of Home – Amy Clipston – #3 Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel – Madeleine is not exactly a widow, her fiance’ was killed, but it sure feels like it.  She moves across country to Paradise PN to work as a maid at the Lancaster Grand Hotel where she meets Emma and her very humble and hurting father.

In the Heart of the Dark Wood – Billy Coffey – #3 set in Mattingly Virginia – Allie lost her mother 18 months ago and is now over whelmed by all the growing up she must do with out her mother.  When the broken compass that her mother left behind starts moving, Allie and her friend Zach decided to follow where it leads.

A.D. 30 – Ted Dekker – The Story of an outcast daughter of a Bedouin sheikh, who goes seeking help from the Roman empire and instead finds a different kind of savior.


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