New Release – Trails and Targets – Kelly Eileen Hake

Dear Readers,

A few short years ago a new genre came to the Christian fiction market.  Okay it wasn’t really a new genre, but it took a favorite genre in a delightful new way.  Historical romance with a great sense of humor to them.  Several authors were on board immediately, Kelly Eileen Hake was one of those authors.  She is still writing in the genre and fans are still loving her books.

bakerbookstore.comTrails and Targets is book #1 in the Dangerous Darlyns series.  The Darlyn family is held together by Beatrix.  She will do just about anything to keep them all together, along with a whole lot of prayer and some unconventional interests, it seems to be working.  That is until it looks like her father’s debts are going to wipe them all out.

So Beatrix puts her pride aside and decides to use her best talent to earn money, her ability with a gun.  Greyson Wilder is looking to leave his past behind.  He sells skeletons of slaughtered buffalos and he is just fine with that, until Beatrix makes him a proposal that he can’t refuse.

With a good sense of humor, Kelly reminds us that life doesn’t have to be so serious even when things look dark.  Humor and high jinx abound in her books and that makes them the perfect read for someone who needs a little pick me up.

Happy Reading,


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