New Release – The Secret of Pembrooke Park – Julie Klassen

Dear Readers,

I really only want to say one thing about Julie Klassen’s newest book, The Secret of Pembrooke Place.  Read it.  If you have not read any of Julie’s books, start now.  They are regency romance at its finest and throw in a little mystery and you have the perfect read. 

Abigail Foster is beginning to think she is going to end up a spinster.  Her only promising prospect seems to have fallen for her younger sister and that has left her with little dowry and no one on the horizon.  When her and her father end up facing financial ruin, they must move one. 

When they are offered the use of Pembrooke place, they jump at the chance.  After they arrive they find out that the house has a secret, one that many people would like to find.  It supposedly has a hidden room that holds a great treasure.  Strange noises and footprints prove that others have and are wandering the halls looking for this treasure, but can Abigail find it first and save her and her father?

I have loved every one of Julie’s books.  They are wonderfully written books that make you think of times gone past.  They have a bit of a mystery, that always makes them so very interesting to read, but they also teach you something about living during that time.

I think the thing I like the most about Julie’s books is they are such a gentle story.  They are just peaceful to read, which makes them ones that I will continue to read for as long as she continues to write them. 

Happy Reading,


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