New Release – Love Unexpected – Jody Hedlund

Dear Readers,

There is something about lighthouses.  People love to visit them and tour inside if possible.  They love to take pictures of them and hang them on their walls at home.  I am sure that almost all of us can name a favorite lighthouse. (Mine is actually in South Carolina)  So when an author does a series about lighthouses I pay attention and usually end up ordering a few extras.

Jody Hedlund’s newest series is called Beacons of Hope and each one is going to feature one of the lighthouses from around the great lakes.  Love Unexpected is the first of the series and features the lighthouse on Presque Isle in 1859. 

Emma Chambers is looking to just support herself.  She is left destitute when her steamboat sinks just off Presque Isle.  A solution seems to be to help the lighthouse keeper who after loosing his wife,  needs someone to take care of his young child.  It all seems to be working out great.  That is until Emma hears rumors on how his wife died.  Is she in danger?

It sounds so romantic to live and work in a lighthouse.  But in all reality, it is a lot of work and responsibility.  It is fun to find a book that puts that work into perspective a bit.  Of course it is also fun to find a book written about Michigan.  Maybe she is writing a book about the Holland or Grand Haven lighthouse…

Happy Reading,


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