New Release – The Color of Sorrow isn’t Blue – Sharon K. Souza

Dear Readers,

With self-publishing become a bigger and bigger thing in the publishing world, some of what I do during the day is find some of these books and try to figure out if it is worth carrying them or not.  The Color of Sorrow isn’t Blue by Sharon K. Souza is one of those types of books.  I had a friend of mine recommend the book to me and mention that I may want to check it out.  Not two days later another friend actually contacted me and recommend this book to me also.  So that got my attention and I was able to track it down and bring it in. 

Bristol Taylor is planning to remember the day her child was kidnapped by ending all her pain.  She tells her husband she is going to her step-mom’s beach house, by herself, to get away from it all as she phrases it.  But her loving sister, step mom and best friend team up and make sure that isn’t going to happen.  Instead they insist on going along and make sure that Bristol won’t be alone the whole time.

I have no idea what it is like to lose a child, let alone one that is kidnapped.  Not knowing where that child is and whether they are safe or hurt.  Who is taking care of them.  Everything that a mother is supposed to do.  But Sharon approaches that topic and offers a glance into the life after the child is gone. 

Not a light read, but one that is important for us to understand what may or may not be happening in the lives of those families.

Happy Reading,


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