New Releases – November 24-29

Dear Readers,

I never know what to expect in releases this time of year.  As much as I talk to publishers I can’t quite seem to convince them that releases this time of year are great because of the Christmas season.  They seem to think no one buys books in December, especially new books.  Ah well, we will make do with the good ones we are getting and maybe this year the sales will prove it.

Happy Reading,

A Most Inconvenient Marriage – Regina Jennings – Abigail agrees to marry Jeremiah Calhoun on his death bed, she will have a place to go after the war between the states and he will have someone to take are of his sister.  Then who is this not only claiming to be Jeremiah but very much alive.

Destiny – Don Brown – Prequel to the Navy Justice series – When WWII starts, Walter Brewer has no idea that his life is soon going to become entwined with a Nazi Officer and a Royal Navel Commander.

Abbot’s Agreement – Mel Starr – 7th in the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton Surgeon – Master Hugh finds a body of a young novice on the way to Oxford and is soon embroiled in solving who stabbed the young man.

Pound Foolish – Neta and Dave Jackson – #4 Windy City Neighbors – a parallel novel with Penny Wise – Greg Singer’s job put stress on his marriage and it seems his wife has noticed the handsome lawyer at the end of the block.  Will the recession give him a chance to “fix” things?

The Bachelor – Stephanie Reed – #2 Plain City Peace – Set in 1970 – Betsie is back home again and her life seems to be back on track.  Charley and her make a pledge to each other.  That is until Betsie agrees to do her English host family a favor. 


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