Gift ideas for Men – part 2

Dear Readers,

Ideas for Him part 2.

Happy Reading,


The Confession – Robert Whitlow – Holt Douglas has a secret, one he has kept since a fateful night in high school.  Now as he investigates the death of a prominate business man, that secret may just get revealed.

Playing Saint – Zachary Bartels – What is a little murder and mayhem among the churches of Grand Rapids MI?  Parker Saint is about to find out that it is not all fun and games.

Alligator Man – James Sheehan – may contain language – a story of greed, anger, love, redemption and two powerful trial attorneys who fight to the end– and risk everything–for the truth.

The Patmos Deception – Davis Bunn – 3 people race to solve the mystery of the Greek artifacts that are disappearing before there is a worldwide economic collapse.

Advocate – Randy Singer – After trying to get Jesus released, Theophilus never forgets an innocent man killed.  3 decades later he gets his chance to once again defend an innocent, but to Nero.
Color of Justice –Ace Collins – Civil rights back in the 60’s, a trial that still is causing ripples today.  Coop Lindsey takes on a case in the 60’s and 50 years later his grandson returns to find out what happened.

Checkmate –Steven James – The conclusion of the Patrick Bowers series.  Murder and mayhem in the most intense way possible.  Will Patrick finally catch his nemesis?

Hawk – Ronie Kendig – #2 the Quiet Professionals – A promise may cost “Hawk” and his men their lives.  What choice will he make?

Sky Zone – Creston Mapes – #3 in the Crittendon files – Jack is asked to help when a presidential candidate arrives in town.  A plot is discovered, but will they be able to stop it in time?

Embers of Courage – Diane and David Munson – Once again Special Agents Eva and Griff race to stop terrorists before they have a chance to strike against innocent people.  When Eva’s teammate is captured, she risks her life to rescue him.

Checkmate – Steven James – The Bowers File – The final installment of the Bowers File, sad to see this series end.  Patrick is racing to stop an attack on US soil.  One that could prove to be even more deadly than 911.



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