New Release – Sister Eve, Private Eye – Lynne Hinton

Dear Readers,

What could be more fun that a nun turned Private Eye?  Lynne Hinton is writing a series about just that and Sister Eve, Private Eye is the first installment. 

Sister Evangeline has for two decades lived at a monastery in New Mexico.  She is content to work, live and worship  there.  It isn’t always easy as she still struggles with certain sins, but she is working on it.  Of course riding her motorcycle helps. 

When a friend of the families stops by to tell Eve about her father’s surgery and how he is going to need help afterwards, she is quickly drawn back into the life of a Private Eye.  It is in her blood, but will she be able to give up the calling of her heart?

Sister Evangeline seems to have a no nonsense type of attitude.  She finds that most people don’t agree with what she finds important and her faith is the same way.  I am not sure I would always get along with Sister Evangeline, but if she would be willing to take me along on the investigations, I think we would make a great team. 

Happy Reading,


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