New Releases – December 8 -13

Dear Readers,

10 days till Christmas.  Oh boy, that seemed to go quickly.  Here are few last minute gift ideas.  They are all new releases for the reader who read everything.  Oh course they can also just be for yourself to read when you need a break from the hectic holiday pace. 

Happy Reading,

House of Living Stones – Katie Schuermann – Things don’t change much in Bradbury IL.  So when Pastor Fletcher hires a new choir director everything gets turned on its head. 

Winter Brides – Denise Hunter/Deborah Raney/Betsy St. Amant – 3 Novellas – A December Bride – Layla and Seth’s engagement is only to save her career.  Well at least for Layla… A January Bride – A friendship developes between an novelist and the host of a bed and breakfast.   A February Bride – Allie flees the church on her wedding day because she doesn’t want to make the mistakes that the women of her family make. 

Petticoat Detective – Margaret Brownley – Undercover Ladies #1 – Jennifer Layne is a Pinkerton Detective and she is hot on the trail of the Gunnysack Bandit.  When her main lead meets an untimely death, she needs to rethink her strategy on how to catch him. 

The Bracelet – Dorothy Love – When Celia’s intended returns they will become in engaged and then married, uniting two very prominent families.  Then a reporter starts digging into her family’s past and it threatens to unravel everything.

The Wishing Season – Denise Hunter – A Chapel Springs Romance – A contest for a house turns into a funny little tie-break.  Share the house for a year and see which idea is best.  Cole and PJ are not only rivals, they now are both feeling drawn to each other.  Who will win?


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