New Release – The Bracelet – Dorothy Love

Dear Readers,

Before the Civil War Savannah Georgia was a hub for all the high society in the area.  Plantation owners and their families strolled the streets.  It was about appearance and the Browning family was heavily involved. 

The Bracelet by Dorothy Love takes a peek into this time in Savannah’s history.  A time of hoop skirts and slaves.  A time where reputation was everything and a bad one could ruin you and or your family.

Celia is looking forward to when her childhood sweetheart is returning and hopefully will soon propose.  But there is a small fly in the ointment in the form of a newspaper reporter who uncovers a few unsavory details from the Browning’s past. 

Celia knows all can be lost if any of it proves true and as the journalist digs deeper it looks like it all maybe.  Will Celia be able to uncover the real truth before the half-truths destroys everything?

Based on actual events, The Bracelet is one of those books that will need to be on your reading list.  It might even be one you add to your Christmas wish list.

Happy Reading,

P.S. It also has one of those very eye catching covers. 


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