New Releases – Dec 22 – 27

Dear Readers,

The Monday after a holiday weekend is always feels like everyone is working a bit groggy.  It is almost like we all have a holiday hangover.  After running around franticly party to party we all seem confused with all this time on our hands.  Personally I find these few days between Christmas and New Years to be some of my favorite.  A time for quiet, reflection and of course reading.

Happy Reading,

Beyond all Dreams – Elizabeth Camden – Anna is willing to lead a very quiet life until a mystery catches her attention.  Joining forces with Congressman Luke Callahan to solve the mystery might end up costing both of them their dreams and maybe more.

At Home in Last Chance – Cathleen Armstrong – #3 a Place to Call Home – Kaitlyn and Steven are cut from the same cloth.  When the going gets tough – they get out of town and away from the problem.  But they are both back in Last Chance trying to straighten out their lives and put the past behind them.

Hidden Agenda – Lisa Harris – #3 Southern Crimes – Everyone thought him dead, but once his cover is blown, now the Drug Cartel wants him dead.  The only one who can save him is the daughter of the man who put out a hit on him. 

Currency of the Heart – Loree Lough – #1 Secrets on Sterling Street – Shaina Sterling is trying to keep up appearances after her husband’s death.  She is secretly selling off valuable pieces to protect his reputation.  Sloan is trying to help her without telling her because of a promise to her dying husband.


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