New Releases – Dec. 29 – Jan. 3

Dear Readers,

The New Year starts with a bang along with several really good titles to spend those wonderful gift cards on. 

Happy Reading,

The Third Target – Joel Rosenberg – A new and dangerous offshoot of Al Qaeda has reared its ugly ad brutal head. ISIS has attacked 2 governments and has set its sights on a third.  Who is it? USA?  Israel?  or another country?  Who stands in their way?

Paper Hearts – Courtney Walsh – Abigail does not have time for romance.  She is just trying to keep her business open.  Her new landlord is threating to end her lease.  She doesn’t have time for anything else, until she gets caught up in a story of a couple written out on little paper hearts.

Price of Privilege – Jessica Dotta – #3 Price of Privilege series – Julia holds a secret that may cost her life.  Just when it looks like she will be able to untangle herself, a scandal of the century breaks.  Will she be able to untangle herself from Macy’s web of deceit? 

Murder Tightly Knit – Vannetta Chapman – An Amish Village Mystery #3 – Hannah knew that something was amiss at The Cat’s Meow yarn shop, even before they find Owen murdered.  Now Hannah and Amber race to prove the murderer isn’t someone from their quiet little town.

Love’s Abundant Harvest – Beth Shriver – #2 the Spirit of the Amish series – After Lucy looses her husband in a fire, she is overwhelmed by life and goes to live with her grandmother.  Manny is attracted to her gentle nature, but she is finding it hard to love again.

The Beekeeper’s Son – Kelly Irvin – #1 The Amish of Bee County – Phineas King just avoids people.  It is easier to hide than to be judged because of the scars he carries on his face.  Deborah Lantz is hurt when Aaron doesn’t write to tell her ask to be his wife, but she is finding that after spending time with Phineas that maybe it doesn’t matter so much.


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