New Release – The Third Target – Joel Rosenberg

Dear Readers,

Sometimes while reading a really good book it becomes difficult to remember that it is only a story and not real life.  Joel Rosenberg is a master at that.  Once again he is a head of the game with his new book The Third Target.  He was doing research and saw where ISIS was headed before they became a name we all recognize and even fear. 

ISIS is on the rise, they have attacked two countries already, throwing them into chaos.  Brutally killing any and all that stand in their way.  Nothing seems to be stopping them and they now have set their sights on a third target.  Who will it be?

Correspondent J.B. Collins hears a rumor that ISIS might have gotten their hands on chemical weapons.  He risks his life to sneak into Syria to interview the commander and to what he finds out may cost him his career.   Will he keep it a secret or does he reveal to the world what ISIS has planned for us all? 

Joel has proven over and over that he pays attention to the headlines, but also the reports coming out of the Middle East.  He makes it difficult to read the newspapers or watch the news while reading his books because it can be confusing as to what is actual fact and what you are reading in his books.  But it sure is worth the effort. 

Happy Reading,


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