New Releases – January 5 – 10

Dear Readers,

January can be a month of cold, wind and snow.  Not my favorite things, so getting a list of new books to read makes those days pass quicker and hurry us off to those early spring days coming soon.  Enjoy the list and while away those cold winter nights.

Happy Reading,

A Stitch in Crime – Cathy Elliot – Quilts of Love – (from the backcover) – Assault, larceny, anonymous threats.  Who knew quilt shows could be so dangerous?

A Thing of Beauty – Lisa Samson – Fiona walked away from stardom right after she left rehab.  She had plans for her future, but 10 years later all she has is a piece of twine with some buttons on it and a house full of junk. 

Dead Gorgeous – Elizabeth Flynn – #2 A mystery for D.I Costello – (From the backcover) – Kristy Manners is young, beautiful, and ambitious.  And dead.  Now Angela needs to figure out who wanted her dead.  Well besides everyone.

Blood and Divide – John Sadler – (from the back cover) The Battle of Flodden would prove one of the bloodiest ever fought on British soil, shaping Scottish national identity to this day.

A Saintly Killing – Martha Ockley – #3 A Faith Morgan Mystery – As the 900th anniversary celebration of St James’s church nears, Faith ends up involved with the murder of the artist commissioned to do a painting of the church.

Mercy’s Rain – Cindy K. Sproles – Mercy only knows a faith under her abusive father.  She takes matters into her own hands and runs away from home and learns about true mercy and the faith that is about love and not anger.


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