Julie Klassen

Dear Readers,
Secrets of Pembrooke Park is Julie Klassen’s latest release in a long line of books.  Each one is a regency romance, but each one is very unique.  I am not sure how as an author you don’t end up crossing wires somewhere along the way and forget which characters you are working in or which town.  But however Julie keeps it all straight, we are blessed with many new and exciting titles.

Abigail’s family has lost their fortune and it is all her fault.  She encouraged her father to invest along with her Uncle in a bank and they lost everything and are now forced to move.  A long lost relative offers the use of their family home, but Abigail and her family can’t ask any questions and they must leave the house as is, other than cleaning it.  But the house comes with a dark secret.

When Abigail arrives she is not warmly welcomed by the steward who has guarded the house ever since it has stood empty.  When he learn she is family come to reopen the house and is not one of the treasure seekers, he begins to warm up and Abigail starts to set the house to straights.  But the stories of ghost and treasure hunters make it difficult to settle into the house.  She finds herself drawn into the mystery and wonders if she can restore her family’s fortune by finding the treasure.

Secret treasure, a handsome parson, and a wonderful huge estate.  What else do you need for a fun read.  Regency isn’t my thing, but Julie writes such delightful books, they are a great break from an intense thriller.  I love her writing style and how she can make you kind of wish you lived in one of those wonderful old houses even though you know that they are drafty, hard to heat and probably not all that fun to live in. J  She has a gentle way of writing and yet the mystery of her books is always interesting. 

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up one of her books, let me recommend that you get started soon as she is still writing and it will take a bit of time to catch up. 

Happy Reading,


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