New Release – The Boy Who Loved Rain – Gerard Kelly

Dear Readers,

The+Boy+Who+Loved+RainFrom all descriptions of the book, The Boy Who Loved Rain by Gerard Kelly it will be quite a ride to read.  It is a story of a family in crisis.  When a friend of Fiona and David’s son commits suicide they become concern with his behavior and find a commitment note to do the same thing.  Fiona wants to do something and David who is a pastor of a large church just says they just have to pray harder. 

Fiona flees with Colom and tries to figure out the demons that he is facing.  What she finds is even more awful than what she originally thought.  Will their family survive? Will their faith?

So not a cheery little read.  It delves into issues of how do you work with a teen suffering from depression to secrets that each family has.  Is pray ever enough?  Should a Pastor’s job ever come before his family? 

Plan on entering into a story that will not leave you comfortable, but will be worth the journey.

Happy Reading,


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