Go Set a Watchman

Dear Readers,

Go Set a Watchman: A NovelOne of the things that the book challenge said to do this year is read or re-read a classic.  I am thinking about re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird.  With all the hype over Harper Lee writing and releasing her second novel, Go Set a Watchman, in July, it might be a good excuse to do so. 

I read TKAM in High school where I believe most of us read it and dissected it and then watched the movie and once again talked about racism and justice and how the court system in America works, for good or bad. 

I know I liked reading the book and I remember reading it all at once over a weekend, even though our teacher encouraged us not to do that so we could all learn the story at the same pace.  I don’t remember ever thinking that I needed to read it again, but I know many people have. 

In fact I have a friend who says that part of the reason she is a writer is because of Harper’s book. She was almost in tears with excitement with the thought of there being a new book from her hero. 

I have been asked what my feelings were on this new book, strangely titled Go Set a Watchman.  Honestly, I have to say I am not over the moon other than I am interested in seeing what the story is all about.  Maybe this is my cynical side showing, but there is just so often a reason that a book was not published years before.  Not always but sometimes.

That said, please don’t let my opinion keep you from reading the book, my sister is one that is very excited about the release.  I myself am trying to get my hands on an advance copy for me to read, but keep in mind, Harper’s editor read this and suggested a different storyline. 

Happy Reading

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