New Release – Anna’s Crossing – Suzanne Woods Fisher

Dear Readers,

Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of the authors fans of Amish fiction look for, but she wanted to do something a bit different and maybe attract different readers.  Anna’s Crossing is the story of when the Amish were leaving the ‘old’ world to live free in the ‘new’ world. 

Anna%27s+Crossing%3A+An+Amish+Beginnings+NovelSet in 1737 we will join an intrepid group as they board a merchant ship called the “Charming Nancy” bound for a new life.  Anna Konig joins the group only as their translator as she is the only one in her community to speak English.  Her plans are to return home again as soon as possible, of course that does mean surviving the dangerous ocean crossings twice.

Bairn resents these somber people on his boat.  The ‘Peculiars’ as they are dubbed by his fellow crew hands, filled their lower deck with a quiet seriousness that unnerves the crew.  Why do they not interact with the others?  What makes them think they are better than those on ship with them?  But there is that lovely lass that catches his attention.  Why is she so different from the others?

This book could be called Amish fiction, but if you are a fan of historical, don’t let that scare you off from reading this book as it is so much more than just Amish, it is part of our heritage in America.  It is always fascinating to me to learn how our different groups arrived on our shores.

Happy Reading,  


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