New Release – Heaven on Earth – Vanessa Miller

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed several of Vanessa Miller’s books. They are a different perspective on things and that makes for a wonderful read.

No PictureHeaven on Earth is the second book in the My Soul to Keep series.  Tamara grew up in a mega church that was her father’s empire, making her feel like a princess.  Everything was perfect until the truth about her father and brother come to light and Tamara there is no reason to marry and trust a man.

Jonathan has loved Tamara ever since they met in college.  He was stuck in the friend zone and is not sure how to move to something more.  Nine years later their paths cross again, will Jonathan be able to take the next step?

Vanessa has been writing for years.  She has several series already in print, but each book has a different issue.  With love and marriage the main idea in most of them, and yet they all have another issue driving it.  Whether it is trust, forgiveness, or any of the many problems and difficulties we face everyday, they all give you a chance to work through them with the characters and learn a little along the way.

Happy Reading,


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