Susan Meissner

Dear readers,

Just over one year ago this week, I read a Susan Meissner book on a flight to Florida.  So imagine my excitement that a new one was available to do that with again.  Secrets of a Charmed Life released a couple days before we left and it was hard not to open the covers and dive in, but I managed to wait with most of the book.  I will admit I read about 50 pages before we left but still read most of it on the flight.

SecretsofaCharmedLife_cover“Secrets” is the story of a survivor of the blitz of London during WWII.  Isabel has never shared her story with anyone, but has decided to tell it to a grad student that needs a thesis.  Kendra is eager to get started, but little does she know what she is about to get into.

Emmy and Julia’s life is not perfect.  In fact their mother seems to have little time for them and it is up to Emmy to take care of her much younger sister.  Emmy has dreams of her own and is willing to do just about anything to make them happen.  On the cusp of adulthood at 15, she wants to get a job at the local bridal shop with or without the war interfering.

So starts the book that will leave you with a better understanding about what it was like to survive during that part of WWII.  Bombs falling every night, people disappearing, and homes destroyed, life would never be the same for anyone.  People were separated from family with no way of knowing where anyone was.  Children were shipped off to the countryside. These are things we think of in horror and with little understanding of how anyone survived it. 

I don’t know if I am Susan’s biggest fan, but she is one of my favorite authors.  She once again hits it out of the park with a story of a coming of age during WWII.  Not just any coming of age story, but one of a teenager who lost everything including her family.  

I am looking forward to my next flight to Florida so I can once again read the next Susan Meissner book.  

Happy Reading,


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