New Release – How to Catch a Prince – Rachel Hauck

Dear Readers,

Fairy Tales are a standard in almost any house hold that has little girls.  Our little princesses long to meet their price Charming and live happily ever after.  How to Catch a Prince is book number 3 in the Royal Wedding series by Rachel Hauck and the fairy tales continue.

How+to+Catch+a+PrinceCorina an American Heiress has caught her prince, but when the tragedy strikes, they are separated and Corina moves on with her life as a journalist.  Prince Stephen is trying to make sense of his life.  The days he spent in Afghanistan have left him troubled and he can’t seem to get out from the dark cloud hanging over him.

Stephen’s brother the King finds a document long hidden and tells him it is time to make choices to move on.  Will Corina and Stephen find their way back to each other.

With a little ‘star-cross lovers’ added, this fairy tale will warm your heart and make you remember the days you believed fairy tales really could come true. 

Happy Reading,


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