Dear Readers,

Here is something that has puzzled me for years.  The excitement of a new book.  Whether it is a book I have bought, received as a gift or gotten from a library, there is something very special about a new book. 

One of my co-workers had such a great reaction to a book I gave her and asked her to read.  She was so excited and I kind of laughed.  Then she said “I don’t know why I am so excited, I have several books at home already, but I am.”  That is when I agreed with her and asked why that was.  What was it about a new book that made her excited. 

She was just a puzzled by that as I was.  In some strange ways I wonder if it is what an addict feels when he/she knows they will be getting their next hit of whatever it is they are craving.  Can you be addicted to books? 

Maybe there should be a meeting for us.  You know get together to discuss how long it has been since we got a new book.  What happens when we fall off the wagon, etc…  Oh wait, none of us would ever stop buying/reading new books.  We are the worse of the worse when it comes to addiction and you know what we are quite proud of it.

In fact we brag about the number of books we have read, we review them on our blogs, we meet in book clubs to talk about our books and we even proudly showoff our addiction in our personal libraries.  I guess we are hopeless.  Our families will just have to put up with us and try their best to survive while we merrily give into our next new story. 

I have to say I am very content with my habit and plan on carrying on for years to come.  Sorry (not really.)

Happy Reading,


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