New Releases – March 9 – 14

Dear Readers,

Temps in the upper 40’s this week.  It has felt like a heat wave around here.  It is over 50 degrees warmer than we were a week or so ago and our average temp in February was around zero.  Break out the shorts.  Ok maybe not quite yet, but close.  I know some are thinking spring break reads, here are a few ideas to take along with you.

Happy Reading,

Dubiosity -Christy Barritt – Savannah is all done being an investigative reporter, but the mystery surrounding two migrate workers who go missing starts to draw her back.  The even more incidents arise and Savannah finds herself right in the middle of it all.

Suspendered Sentence – Laura Bradford – An Amish Mystery – Claire is awed at the communities response when one of their own looses their barn.  But during the barn raising human remains are found.  The bracelet on the skeleton’s arm matches one that a teen who disappeared years ago was wearing.  Jakob and Claire team up to find out who is responsible for her death.

The Outlaw Takes a Wife – Susan Page Davis – Johnny arrives at his brother’s ranch and finds him murdered.  Because he is hiding from a false murder conviction, he decides to take on his brother’s identity.  Things are going well until Sally arrives, a woman Mark had been talking to through letters and decided to marry.

From the Start – Melissa Tagg – Kate still believes in true love in spite of the broken hearts she has experienced, but a career slump sends her home to Maple Valley.  Colton is recovering from a career ending injury.  He is hiding from the media in Maple valley.  An unexpected shared project gives them both a chance to start over.

The Legacy – Dan Walsh/Gary Smalley – #4 the Restoration series – Doug is slowly drifting away from his family and faith.  Just when things seem to be turning around, his life takes a turn for the worse.  His family and friends will need every bit of their faith to help him.

Finding Me – Kathryn Cushman – What if you found out you were not who you thought you were?  Kelli finds out the story her father always told her about her mother and siblings maybe a lie.  When she travels to Tennessee to learn the truth, the trip may open a past better left alone.


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