New Releases – March 16 – 21

Dear Readers,

Spring inches closer.  Spring break is just around the corner.  Time to open windows enjoy the fresh air.  It is time to re-stock all those books you read this winter. 

Happy Reading,

Together with You – Victoria Bylin – Ryan is trying to re-connect with his kids after the mother remarries and leaves the kids with him.  When his daughter Penny is lost at the mall, he meets Carly.  He sees a connection between Penny and Carly and tries to hire her to be Penny’s nanny.  Is Carly the missing piece to his family being whole again?

The Creole Princess – Beth White – #2 Gulf Coast Chronicles – The Revolutionary War is a world away in British controlled Mobile Alabama.  Lyse is drawn to the new Spanish merchant that just arrived in town.  But with spies everywhere, can she trust him or are his words of love just a way to hide while spying for the new country?

Lethal Beauty – Lis Wiehl – #3 Mia Quinn Mystery – What should have been an open and shut murder case turns into a life and death situation for Mia and her family and friends.  A rich young American stabs his Chinese prostitute to death and now family and members of his crime cabal are doing everything to get him set free, including threating Mia.

Mist of Midnight – Sandra Byrd – #1 Daughters of Hampshire – Rebecca is returning to Hampshire after losing her family and friends in the Mutiny in India.  She returns to her family’s home ready to claim it, but the locals are suspicious of her as less than a year ago a woman showed up claiming to be Rebecca. 

Do You Believe? – Travis Thrasher – Based on the Major Movie of the same title – This book and movie are the follow up of God is not Dead.  A middle of the night encounter leaves Pastor Mark wonder about the results of that meeting.


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