New Release – The Creole Princess – Beth White

Dear Readers,

There has been a bit of a surge in books set in and around the revolutionary war.  I have seen them before but they were usually a book set during one of the battles.  This new group of books are about the colonists who were trying to make a living in the new land. 

The Creole Princess by Beth White is such a book.  It is set in Mobile Alabama where the war was almost a non-existent thing.  The British held the port of Mobile and there was really not much change in business.  Well except the spies that have been arriving in town to see if they could help the Americans.

Lyse spends most of her time with a British commander’s daughter.  When Rafeal Gonzales starts showing interest in Lyse, is it because he is truly interested in her or only interested in seeing how much information he can get from her about the British Army in Mobile.

Intrigue and mystery abound in a city mile away from the battle and yet you can trust no one.  Will Lyse be able to figure out who to trust in time? 

If historical fiction is one of your favorite genres then this series by Beth White is a must read.  The Gulf Coast Chronicles puts a little different slant on the War for independence and makes for a fun guessing who the good guys are.

Happy Reading,


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