Elizabeth Camden

Dear Readers,

There is something about Elizabeth’s writing that makes me love reading her books.  I kind of stumbled on her after hearing her titles recommended at a sales conference I went to.  She sounded like someone I would like to read, and now I have read most of her books.  I think I missed one and when I have time I need to go back and read it. In the meantime, her latest release, Beyond all Dreams, reminded me why I liked reading her in the first place.  Nothing like romance, mystery and history all rolled into one book to make a wonderful Sunday read.

Beyond+All+DreamsAnna O’Brien works as a map librarian at the Library of Congress.  She is happy with her quiet and predictable life.  That all starts to change when she comes across a mystery about a ship that disappeared at sea.  The more she tries to figure out what happened to the ship, the more it becomes clear that someone is hiding something.  

Anna turns to Luke Callahan for help.  He is one of the most powerful congressmen in America, but his career has always contained a hint of scandal so he is eager to take on a cause that might help rid that from his past.  Together they find themselves involved in something that is much bigger than they planned on. 

Even though this is a work of fiction, Elizabeth shares details of what she loosely based her book on.  I don’t want to give those details here as it gives away part of the storyline and actually give you clues as to what is happening before you need to know. 🙂

I recommend Elizabeth’s books to anyone looking for a gentle read that has a bit of a mystery to it.  Nothing too gruesome, but something that engages your mind in a way that a straight historical/romance won’t.  They are one of those wonderful reads that when I pick it up on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I can get it read before the day is over and that is a wonderful thing.

Happy Reading,


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