New Release – One Last Thing – Rebecca St. James/Nancy Rue

Dear Readers,

Award winning Nancy Rue has teamed up with Singer Rebecca St. James to write a series of books that deal with several issues that effect families and individuals.  So far they have taken on unwanted pregnancy and cutting.  Two very heavy subjects.

One Last Thing, Rebecca St. JamesIn One Last Thing they once again visit something that more families have dealt with than most of us would like admit.  Pornography.  Not an easy subject, but one that it is good to have the tools to deal with it if we find out some one we know and love falls to its temptation.

Tara and Seth grew up next door and it was almost a foregone conclusion that they would marry.  Of course their wedding would be almost a fairytale wedding.  That is until Tara finds out a secret Seth has been keeping.  Now their happily ever after is in jeopardy.  Will their relationship survive or will Tara make a future without Seth.

A very candid look at what the use of porn can do to a relationship.  Trust is lost and it is an affair that is hard to fight against.  Many try to say it isn’t a big deal, but Rebecca and Nancy want you to realize it is a big deal and hopefully help someone along the way.

Happy Reading,


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