New Releases April 6 – 11

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow is a big day here at the store.  We are expecting 80 – 90 librarians and it is one of the best days of the year. (we do another one in October so that is the other best day;-) I will talk about books all day long and this list will be some of the books I will talk about. 

If you are a librarian you are so very welcome to come and if you know a librarian, please feel free to let them know about our event.

Happy Reading,

Hollywood Lost – Ace Collins – Hollywood’s Golden Age is tainted by someone who is murdering beautiful women.  Shelby just wanted to have a job, but her job makes her a target for the murderer.  Will she survive with her morals intact or will the Hollywood strangler claim another victim. 

Whiskers on the Lion – P.L. Gaus – An Amish -Country Mystery – Fannie unwittingly becomes a witness to a drug crime and now must hid to survive.  So she hides in plain sight.  Sheriff Bruce Robertson is charged with finding her before the drug cartel does.

A Sparrow in Terezin – Kristy Cambron – Sera James feels like she is living a charmed life until a legal battle threatens everything.  She hastily weds her fiancé and as the trial goes on, he is facing years behind bars.  Kaja escapes Germany before the rise of Hitler, but now her family is faced with death and the camps and she must return to help them escape.

Deception on Sable Hill – Shelley Gray – #2 A Chicago World’s Fair Mystery – Eloisa appears have it all.  But she has a dark secret.  She was assaulted months ago and has told no one, that is until she meets Detective Sean Ryan.  Now with a person assaulting debutants, Sean makes it his mission to protect Eloisa from the killer.

A Heart’s Obsession – Colleen Coble – #2  Journey of the Heart novellas – Sarah and her younger brother head to Fort Laramie, Wyoming after their father’s death.  The reception they receive is far from what they expect from her beau.

Maggie Bright – Tracy Groot – Across the Channel the British Army is in full retreat.  Caught between the Blitzkrieg and the ocean, they face certain disaster.  When Churchill recruits the civilian brigade to come to their rescue. 


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