New Release – A Sparrow in Terezin – Kristy Cambron

Dear Readers,

The much anticipated sophomore novel from Kristy Cambron is here.  A Sparrow in Terezin has been talked about by anyone and everyone that has read Kristy’s first book, The Butterfly and the Violin.  To be honest, I was getting asked about her second book long before we had any details on it. People wanted to make sure she was writing a second one, they didn’t care about what, just so long as they knew something else was coming.

Once again a  beautiful blend of contemporary and historical, Sparrow tells the story in present day of Sera James.  She feels as if she has stumbled into a charmed life, but it all comes crashing down when a legal battle threatens not only her fiancé but also her family.  She must try to fight the false accusations to have any future with the man she loves.

The historical part of the story once again takes us to WWII and the story of Kaja.  She escaped Prague in 1939, but left her half-Jewish family behind.  As the horror stories start emerging from Germany she knows she must go back to rescue her family. 

These two women are connected to each other because of a young child who is a holocaust survivor.  The women find a kinship that will help them through the darkest of time.

Kristy has a way of making you feel like you are walking right along side of her characters.  Her books touch on parts of history some or all of us may never heard of before.  Sparrow is book #2 in the Hidden Masterpiece series, with each book a complete story.  They will touch on some of the beauty in a very dark time in the world’s history.

Happy Reading,


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