Dear Readers,

Tuesday was our annual spring Librarian’s day and I know I have gone on and on about it before so I won’t go into to many details, but I wanted to mention something that happened.

I had a couple of really nice books to give away and I thought I would see how long some of the librarians have been working in either church libraries or any library for that matter.  I started at 10 years and more than half of the audience stood up.  Amazing.  But what really amazed me was the number of years the two ladies that won the book have worked in a library.  They combined have worked 108 years in a library!  50 for one and 58 for the other.  I was in awe, to do something for 58 years, WOW!

Now neither lady wanted the glory or recognition of having worked that long as a librarian, in fact one of them told me that I shouldn’t have, they are just doing what they love.  I know one of them has worked at the same church library for 50 years and her church loves that she is still willing to work for them.  For free by the way. 🙂

It is such an honor to know these women and to work with them.  They have continued on through it all, because they believe in the importance of books.  The importance of reading.  One of the ladies always is challenging me to find more and more books for kids and teens to read as she believes it is so important to raise the next generation of readers, not because it gives her job security, but because reading and thinking for yourself is so important. 

I have known many librarians like these ladies over the years and they all hold a special place in my heart, even the ones who scared and intimated me as a young reader. 🙂  They each have encouraged me to continue reading and I am a better person for having known them. 

In honor of National Librarian’s week, I wish to thank librarian’s everywhere for you work you do everyday.  Sometimes it is a thankless job and even one that some make fun of, but you are raising leaders of tomorrow.  Keep up the good work.

Happy Reading,


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