New Release – On Shifting Sands – Allison Pittman

Dear Readers,

If nothing else makes you pick up On Shifting Sands by Allison Pittman, the cover will.  It is a beautiful well done cover that makes you wonder about the woman pictured on the front.  Why does she look so troubled?  Why is the cover done in colors of the desert or dryness?  What caused all this chaos in her life?

Nola Merrill is as dry as the dust bowl.  Her father withheld his affection once her mother passed away and a hasty marriage didn’t seem to change that.  After raising their two children, Nola is looking for something more, enter a long-lost friend of her husband’s.  One who takes an interest in Nola and then leads to the ultimate betrayal in a marriage.  Will her marriage survive?  Even though she longs to confess, she doesn’t think her husband’s love is strong enough to withstand the test.

Allison’s writing will draw you into the story and yet it will read like you are experiencing the great depression right along side of the characters.  I don’t want to say that her writing is dry as that is a negative thing, but because of her word pictures and descriptions she uses, you feel the heat and understand the longing for water in a place that has none. 

Well research, Allison’s books are always interesting to read.  She brings the era that she is writing about to life.  I love historical fiction that makes me want to do more research on the time that is written about. 

Happy Reading,


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