New Releases – May 4 – 9

Dear Readers,

A couple warm days and I am ready to read outside all the time.  Here a few titles to enjoy out in the sunshine.

Happy Reading,

The Wood’s Edge – Lori Benton – Major Reginald Aubrey is besides himself with grief.  His infant son has died and when he sees an Oneida mother with twins, he decides to leave his dead son for her white baby.  His actions that day will change everything for all those involved.
A Stranger’s Secret – Laurie Alice Eakes – A Cliff of Cornwall Novel #1 – Lady Morwenna is trying to clean up her reputation.  She is the widowed mother of the heir of Penvenan title.  When she is accused of luring boats to their demise on the cliffs, she sets out to find the real culprits.

Falcon – Ronie Kendig – The Quite Professionals #3 – Raptor team is ready to take down the hacker Meng-Li Jin.  But for Salvatore Russo it means putting his team in the hands of Cassandra Walker and the last time he did that 2 people he loved died. 

The Pharaoh’s Daughter – Mesu Andrews – A Treasures of the Nile Novel #1 – Anippe watched her mother and younger brother die during childbirth and has lived with the dread of giving birth ever since.  So when she finds a baby floating in the Nile she is sure the gods have answered her prayers.

Taken – Dee Henderson – Shannon just wants a normal life.  Kidnapped and used by the Jacoby crime family, Shannon just wants out.  But getting out might cost her her life.  Will Private Investigator Matthew Dane be able to help her find her freedom and keep her life? 

Ruins in the Mist – Marion Timmons – Tomos wave goodbye to family as they set sail to the new world and a chance for a life there.  They arrive just as the new country starts its revolt against England and now they need to decide where their loyalties lie.

Choosing – Rachelle Dekker – A Seer Novel #1 – When Carrington is chosen for the Lints, the lowest level of society, she believes her life is over.  Hints of a rebellion get her attention and then the promise of being chosen offer a greater hope.  Which is reality and which is just an illusion to secure her loyalty.

Once Upon a Summer – Melody Carlson – #1 A New York City Romance – Anna Gordon gets the chance of a lifetime, move to New York City and run the new hotel the Rothsberg.  Then she learns she will be up against an old crush for the same job.  Will romance over rule anything else for Anna?


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