New Releases – May 11-16

Dear Readers,

I am off exploring other parts of our wonderful planet.  But that does not stop the flow of books to the shelves.  Thank goodness.

Happy Reading,

Fatal Trauma – Richard Mabry – A hostage situation in the ER turn ER Dr. Mark Baker into a potential victim and yet some suspect he may actually be the killer. To prove his innocence he turns to a old friend to find out who the shooter really is and who the next victim will be. 

As Love Blooms – Lorna Seilstad – Tessa won’t let a little thing like a no stop her.  She is ready to use any means to get hired at the Como Park conservatory.  Even a little deception.  But then she meets Reese the handsome gardener, who turns into a major distraction or will he be the answer to her dreams?

Fury – Steven James – #2 Blur trilogy – Daniel’s vision helped solve one mystery, but now his father has disappeared. The only answer to his disappearance maybe in Daniel’s hallucinations.

In Firefly Valley – Amanda Cabot – #2 Texas Crossroads – When Marisa is downsized she has  no choice but to return to the small Texas town she grew up in.  Even though it feels like a giant step backwards, she excepts a job at Rainbow’s End resort. 

Two Roads Home – Deborah Raney – #2 A Chicory Inn Novel – Setbacks have made Grant and Audrey’s adventure into inn keeper a bit of a journey.  Throw in issues with their daughter and son-in-law and life is now complicated.

Tiffany Girl – Deeanne Gist – The story of Flossie and the “Tiffany Girls” that were hired to finish the Stained Glass Mosaic Chapel for Louis Tiffany in time for the 1893 World’s Fair.  Flossie was hand picked to help complete the task and she is excited to become an independent woman.

The Midwife’s Tale – Delia Parr – #1 At Home in Trinity – The world of the midwife is changing.  Martha was hoping her daughter would follow in her footsteps, but Victoria runs off instead.  Then when the new doctor arrives in town, Martha isn’t sure how her work will continue.

Water from my Heart – Charles Martin – Charlie Finn has made a place for himself on the fringe of privileged society.  Providing something that “if he didn’t do it someone else would.”  But when tragedy strikes his partner and friends family, Charlie begins to rethink his life.


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