New Release – Tiffany Girls – Deeanne Gist

Dear Readers,

Deeanne Gist has found her niche in the fiction world.  Romantic historical comedy.  Her settings are interesting, her characters are not only very real they take on issues that were important to the time they live and sometimes are still effecting us now, and her books are just plain fun to read.

Tiffany Girls by Deeanne is the story of Louis Tiffany and how he had a dream to reveal a state of the art stained-glass mosaic chapel at the 1893 World’s Fair.  But when the glassworker’s go on strike his dream is threatened, so he decides to hire some students from the New York School of Applied Design to work on and finish the project for him.  Each female is hand picked for her talent and each is ready to take on the adventure and see where it leads her.

Tiffany+GirlFlossie Jayne is our main character, she is excited to start working on the chapel and to be truly independent for the first time in her life.  But living on her own proves to have its own set of problems and Flossie finds that her own heart might be one of them. 

I know that I love reading Deeanne’s books because of what I learn about the era she is writing about as it is usually set during something we know so little about.  The World’s Fair were big deals back in the day.  A chance for a company or individual to show their new ideas to the world.  It is where several of the things we use today got their start like ice cream cones at the 1904 World’s Fair, the telephone at the 1876 Fair and the electrical outlet also at the 1904 fair. 

I could list many more, but that is not the idea behind this post, it is to tell you to read Deeanne’s newest book and if you haven’t read any of her other ones, you should get started.  They are worth it.

Happy Reading,


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