Summer Reading List part 1

Dear Readers,

Here is my summer reading list for 2015.  Once again I had a hard time narrowing down the list as there has been so many good reads this past 12 months.  They are not in any particular order and are all available at our store or on 

Next week will be the second installment.

Happy Reading.

Summer Reading 2015

Until the Harvest– Sarah Loudin Thomas – Henry’s plans for his future are derailed by the death of him father.  He no longer can afford college and his mother needs help around the house.  The only things keeping his spirits up are his fiddle and his friendship with Mayfair Hoffma.  Mayfair’s older sister on the other hand is more of annoying…
The Covered Deep– Brandy Vallance – Operation First Novel – Biance is looking for a man who can quote Shakespeare and Jesus equally.  But they are hard to find in her little back water hometown.  So when she wins a trip to London and Palestine she may finally find her true love.  
Mercy’s Rain– Cindy K. Sproles – Mercy only knows a faith under her abusive father.  She takes matters into her own hands and runs away from home and learns about true mercy and the faith that is about love and not anger.
The Third Target– Joel Rosenberg – What if ISIS got a weapon of mass destruction?  J.B. Collins hears rumors that has happened and heads to the Middle East to find out if the rumors are true.
Tiffany Girls– Deeanne Gist – The story of Flossie and the “Tiffany Girls” that were hired to finish the Stained Glass Mosaic Chapel for Louis Tiffany in time for the 1893 World’s Fair.  Flossie was handpicked to help complete the task and she is excited to become an independent woman.
Lizzy and Jane– Katherine Reay – Lizzy and Jane have had a difficult relationship. Partly because of their age difference and partly because of what happened when their mother died.  Jane now is fighting breast cancer and Elizabeth, as she is now know by, arrives to help.
Shadow of the Mountain – Exodus – Cliff Graham – Caleb awaits with the nation of Israel to attack the city of giants, Hebron.  As the warriors wait for the weather to clear, Caleb shares is story with a younger officer.  The one of how Yahweh had his hand on Caleb even before he believed.
The Art of Losing Yourself – Katie Ganhert – Carmen looks like a woman who has it all together.  On the inside she struggles with doubt and whether she made a mistake marring her husband.  When her 17 year old sister shows up, maybe Carmen will find the answers to her questions.
By Your Side– Candace Calvert – ER Nurse and foster care survivor, Macy has one motto:  Land on your feet and trust no one.  When she finds the one person she loves like a sister, Macy finds herself butting heads with a cop.   
Maggie Bright– Tracy Groot – Across the Channel the British Army is in full retreat.  Caught between the Blitzkrieg and the ocean, they face certain disaster.  When Churchill recruits the civilian brigade to come to their rescue.
Buried Secrets– Irene Hannon – #1 Men of Valor – Things are supposed to be quiet in a small town.  Lisa Grant, recently from Chicago, was hoping that.  A discovery of a human skeleton puts her on the hunt for a killer who will do anything to keep from being found out, including kill again.
The Love Letters– Beverly Lewis – Marlena did not expect to spend the summer taking care of her sister’s baby.  But she is determined to not let that get her life off track.   But will her hopes for her future become completely altered by what happens this summer?
Reservations for Two – Hillary Manton Lodge – #2 Fresh Flavors and New Horizons novel – Juliette and Neil continue their tour of Provence and Tuscany.  With more answers about her grandmother, they return home to difficulties in their long distance relationship.
Secrets of a Charmed Life – Susan Meissner – The story of two sisters during WWII.  Moved to the country to keep them safe, they are separated and how their lives are transformed.  The story of a American scholar who uncovers their story and the burden it places on her heart.
The Secret of Pembrooke Park – Julie Klassen –  Abigail and her father are offered the use of Pembrooke Park.  They accept the offer before finding out that Pembrooke has a secret.  A secret more than one person is looking to find.  Abigail goes seeking the treasure that is hidden, will she find it before the others?
Checkmate – Steven James – The Bowers File – The final installment of the Bowers File, sad to see this series end.  Patrick is racing to stop an attack on US soil.  One that could prove to be even more deadly than 911.
Beyond all Dreams– Elizabeth Camden – Anna is willing to lead a very quiet life until a mystery catches her attention.  Joining forces with Congressman Luke Callahan to solve the mystery might end up costing both of them their dreams and maybe more.
Spy of Richmond– Jocelyn Green – Heroines Behind the Lines – Civil War #4 – With everything at risk and suspicion growing, Sophie Kent has to decide if it is worth it.  A Unionist living Richmond is not an easy life and being a spy makes it twice as dangerous.
Taken – Dee Henderson – Shannon just wants a normal life.  Kidnapped and used by the Jacoby crime family, Shannon just wants out.  But getting out might cost her her life.  Will Private Investigator Matthew Dane be able to help her find her freedom and keep her life?
The Choosing– Rachelle Dekker – A Seer Novel #1 – When Carrington is chosen for the Lints, the lowest level of society, she believes her life is over.  Hints of a rebellion get her attention and then the promise of being chosen offer a greater hope.  Which is reality and which is just an illusion to secure her loyalty.
The Story Keeper– Lisa Wingate – Jen is drawn into a manuscript that was hiding in the slush file on her desk.  As she starts researching where it comes from it starts to bring her back to a place she thought she would never return to.
A.D.30 – Ted Dekker -The Story of an outcast daughter of a Bedouin sheikh, who goes seeking help from the Roman empire and instead finds a different kind of savior.  

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