Abraham Lincoln

The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read. 
– Abraham Lincoln

Dear Readers,

What an interesting quote by Abraham Lincoln.  I wonder how often he switched best friends. 🙂

I could easily agree with him.  There is nothing like exchanging book reading ideas with someone for the first time.  It is a chance to get to know someone as they are at home.  It is a peek behind that mask we all wear in public. 

Does that big mean boss like to read romance?  Who would ever have guessed.  That shy secretary – she reads fantasy and has grand adventures every night.  What about that older lady that sits next to you in church?  Well this one is a bit scary, but because she loves to read thrillers, she knows how to get rid of a body with ease. 

See isn’t fun to find out what others are reading?  “What do you like to read,” is my favorite question to ask someone that has wandered into the fiction department, but it is also one of my favorites when I see someone reading a book.  Whether it is one I have read myself or one I have never heard of, I love to ask as sometimes what they are reading is not their favorite genre and the answer can be quite interesting.

I have started the neatest conversations with that question.  I have found new books to read or authors to follow because of that question.  I have found people who I now consider my friends even when we don’t see each other often because of time or distance. It is easy to fall back into the rhythms of friendship just by sharing a few minutes answering that question. 

So I guess yes, some of my best friends are people who have given me books that I haven’t read, just like Abraham Lincoln.

Happy Reading,


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